Who do you represent?

Agence Claire Boivin Agency Inc. represents Ottawa’s finest actors in film, television, theatre and multimedia. Our actors are trained and experienced professionals. We do not represent background performers.

What do you expect from your actors?

As a professional actor, one of the most important relationships you will have is with your agent. At its heart, the actor-agent relationship is a partnership where both sides have distinct responsibilities. You devote your life to being a professional actor and maintaining a good reputation. We research upcoming roles and maintain close contact with casting directors to arrange auditions, schedule availability and most importantly, negotiate your fees. Agence Claire Boivin Agency is particularly proud of its reputation and its strong relationships with casting directors and producers in Ottawa and Montreal.

At Agence Claire Boivin Agency, the actor-agent relationship is based on honesty, trust and integrity. We devote a significant amount of time and resources to marketing our actors. We expect our actors to continue to gain training, experience, and to network and promote themselves in the Industry at every opportunity.

Are you currently expanding your roster?

We are selectively expanding our roster. Preference is given to referrals and experienced actors who are members in good standing of ACTRA, Equity or UDA. If you are interested in being represented by Agence Claire Boivin Agency, please read all of the “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” and carefully review the submission requirements.

Before we agree to represent an actor, we look for evidence of experience, skills and qualities, such as, commitment and dedication. For example, an actor based in Ottawa must be prepared to go to Montreal on a day’s notice for an audition if roles in major motion pictures are your goal. You will likely make many trips before you land a part.

What skills do you look for?

Actors require a variety of skills. Languages, accents, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, martial arts, sports and many other skills are useful. Basic technical skills such as auditioning, cold reading, improvisation, stage direction and proper use of your voice are vital to your success. ACTRA has a list of helpful workshops and suggestions for training in many of these basic technical skill areas. While you do not require a Diploma or Degree in the Performing Arts to be a professional actor, the path to obtaining one can certainly help you develop your talent.

What are your submission requirements?

If you are seeking representation, you must send us a submission by email. Presenting yourself as a professional who is serious about your craft is the best way to obtain representation. Your electronic submission must include:

  • a professional resume that lists your work experience (other than background work) and training as an actor;
  • your ACTRA, Equity or UDA membership number;
  • a recent Headshot (8x10);
  • links to online videos or mp3’s highlighting your on-camera performance and voice work or an audition demo, with a minimum of 3 scenes to show a diversity of roles;
  • a letter of reference from your acting coach, instructor or industry professional; and
  • press clippings related to your work.

Send your electronic submission to ashley@boivinagency.com. We no longer accept submissions by mail.

Can I drop in to see an agent?
No, you must have an appointment. You cannot drop off a request for representation. All requests must be sent by email to ashley@boivinagency.com.
Do you charge any fees beyond the industry standard commission?

We do not charge any additional fees. However, there are costs associated with being an actor. You will incur costs, which may be significant, such as costs for obtaining and updating professional Headshots, maintaining a profile on Casting Workbook, union dues and travel expenses to attend auditions in Montreal.

Did you get my submission?

There’s an old Hollywood adage "don’t call us, we’ll call you". Due to the high volume of submissions we receive on a weekly basis; it is not possible to contact everyone. We make every effort to review submissions weekly. If you are the right fit for our roster, we will call you within 3 weeks to set up an appointment. If you do not hear from us, we are unable to offer you an opportunity at this time and we wish you the best in your efforts seeking representation and gaining additional experience.